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Express Mail FAQ's

We highly reccommend that you review this FAQ section prior to using our Express Mail service. You may finad additional information on this service and others within our Terms & Conditions of use. If you have any questions after reviewing this and any other related information on our website please contact us.

Do I have to write letters?
No, to be successful you do not have to write letters, or engage in correspondence or chat. We believe the most effective technique is to go on a group tour and actually meet the women in person where you have the possibility to meet a wide range of women in a short period of time. Writing letters can be effective if done in moderation.

How can I increase my response rate?
One of the best things you can do is to be committed to going over and share concrete dates and times of your trip with the women in your correspondence. Think about this, women may receive many letters from men, clearly understanding that a large majority of these men may have no intention whatsoever of actually taking the next step and meeting them. Additionally, women like to know that you are interested in them, ask as many questions as you can about her, instead of going on too much about yourself.

What is an introductory letter?
An introductory letter is simply a letter that indicates the woman MAY have a romantic interest in you. Before you open the letter, you should take the time to check her profile to see if you have a mutual interest worth exploring. We do not encourage or advise you to open every, or even most of the introduction letters you receive because some women simply may not be who you're looking for, thus wasting your time and hers.

What Triggers an Introduction Letter?
It could be the woman herself that viewed your profile in one of our foreign offices and requested the staff to send her introduction letter to you. Or it could be initiated by the foreign office staff according to the parameters the woman has indicated in order for the staff to deliver the introduction letter on her behalf to potential matches.

How serious is the woman about me if I receive an Introduction letter?
It depends. In the best case it is only an initial introduction letter either sent at the request of the woman, or the staff, based on her parameters, as stated above. It is difficult to tell how serious anyone is until you meet, regardless of how much correspondence. We strongly suggest that you take the time to view her profile and determine if this is someone that you would send an initial letter to, if so then it may be worth the time exploring. Please keep in mind, a serious relationship (love) requires a special chemistry between the two people. There is no way to truly measure any potential chemistry without meeting in person.

What is more effective: responding to Intro letters or writing to the women I think I am interested in first?
We only started offering introduction letters relatively recently on the site, prior to that the only way to start correspondence was for the man to initiate contact. Although we received a lot of requests to allow the women to initiate correspondence from both the men and the women, we still feel the most effective method is for the man to initiate the correspondence himself. We feel that when a man does that the woman feels special; he selected her, and may increase the response rate.

Can I turn off the Introduction letters and just write to women I choose?
Yes. You can turn off the option to receive introduction letters within your member's area.

What about correspondence, does she always come into the office to read my letter?
In some cases she may come to the office to read and respond to your letter. Often our local staff will contact her by phone or some other method in order to arrange for her to get your letter and, hopefully, send you her reply.

If she has an E-mail address or some other contact information can I ask for it via Express mail?
Yes. However, due to IMBRA regulations she must first come into the local office and sign your specific IMBRA form, once she does that you can exchange personal contact information with each other. She may still desire to use the service for translation purposes, or for support from the local office, but she should be able to exchange information and if the two of you choose communicate directly.

If you need additional information please contact us.